Experience Gift Vouchers: The Perfect Reward For Your Employees!

Have you ever struggled to find the right gift to reward your employees? While you can give them fistfulls of cash, have you tried giving them something more memorable? This is the perfect opportunity to explore the effectiveness of gift vouchers, and here’s why we think gift vouchers make such a rewarding gift for your employees!

Gift vouchers are flexible at every price range

Gift vouchers can grow with your rewards budget and come at a variety of price points. What this means is that rewards can not only be given at large scale but also smaller scale too. This is also true for the Gift Cards.

No matter the magnitude that you need to reward, you can always count on finding a gift voucher that matches your budget. Furthermore, with the added psychology of “feeling appreciated”, gift vouchers are the perfect way to reward your employees without spending too much money. With the availability of vouchers from both physical and digital forms it is also one of the easier gifts to acquire.


Employees can treat themselves

Gift vouchers allow your employees to feel like they are really treating themselves!

One way to understand this is if you receive a cash bonus it is most likely going to be used on something responsible. For example sticking it into your savings account, funding to pay back a student loan debt or putting it towards payment for rent/housing. While this responsible spending is definitely a wise choice, being treated to things or an experience is also important.

People often forget the value of something tangible. If employees put their cash based rewards towards daily cost routines they would feel less rewarded as opposed to being given the opportunity to buy something they wanted via a gift voucher. Even better, KadoKita offers vouchers that give you experiences as rewards too, ranging from chocolate making classes to a full couples staycation.


Gift Vouchers have the same psychological impact as experiences

In more recent times, gifts that reflect experiences have been getting more recognition and for good reason! Experience gift are certainly even more memorable than physical gifts let alone simple cash based rewards. 

KadoKita is the PERFECT service for this! We have packages for those who like to live comfortably with hotel packages and spa retreats! But for those of you who like to live a little bit on the fast paced side we got you covered too with vouchers for water parks or nature explorations.

According to research, there is a clear correlation between the employees who are “happy at work” and those who feel that they are “valued”. As previously mentioned, gift vouchers are the PERFECT way to show an employee that they are appreciated. Not only do gift vouchers elicit the same psychological response as an experience, experience based gift vouchers also do exist e.g. an employee interested in golf can be given a voucher to stay at a golf resort.

You make them feel appreciated

What better way to show you’re thoughtful and grateful than by making the experience memorable? 

Think out of the box. Go for something that your employees would never get for themselves, or opt for something that is more about the gesture than the object itself. That way, when your employees use the experience gift voucher, especially if they will be able to enjoy the gift with their family or loved ones.


With KadoKita gift vouchers, you can avoid unwanted gifts

It’s always the thought that counts, which is why it’s better to give your employees a memorable experience! 

Experience gift vouchers are the perfect way to give your employees a way to choose a present that suits their tastes. So in this way, you will be eliminating the issue of choosing distracting or unneeded stuff and allow your employee to choose something that is more important to them. In the end, an experience gift voucher is a great choice for employees who might not be interested in the merchandise you would ordinarily present them with.


The best way of delivering a memorable, tangible, and personalized employee reward

Companies should realize that the most important thing in a reward is its meaningfulness. The advantage of gift vouchers as employee rewards is that they can be enjoyed anytime. Employee gifts that have a strong emotional appeal or are a culmination of corporate efforts, can be something they can keep going over time, while a physical object may not retain the same value.

So instead of choosing what the employee will receive, it’s actually a great way to put the choice in your employees’ hands. It allows them to be more directly involved in deciding their own rewards, so it can be seen as a little more personal.


Essentially, experience gift vouchers are extremely wonderful to treat your employees when they deserve it! 

When paired with the right framing and amount of recognition, a $5 dollar reward can become really meaningful. When employees feel as if they are valued they will feel more attached to the company’s culture which in turn only benefits you as now you have more motivated workers.

One important thing to note is that not all employees are the same. What one gift voucher might be of importance to one employee might not have the same value to another. Luckily, KadoKita offers experiences from a catalog with a plethora of choices!

This is also another opportunity to show your employees that you care! By knowing and offering them gift vouchers that you know they will enjoy makes the gift itself seem more personal. Gift the adventurer in your office a white water rafting excursion, give the one who is more stressed than usual an all expense visit to the spa and give the foodie a fine dining experience they are sure to remember!


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