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For Her

30+ Experiences to be offered  to your Lady Loved One… She will be spoiled!

For Him

Need a gift for your Man? Offer him a gift full of choices of experiences… 25+ Experiences dedicated to the man of your life, a friend or your Dad…  It’s…

Romantic Getaway

Searching for a Special Romantic Gift for your loved one? From foodie kind of romantic weekend until pampering kind of romantic weekend, we did our best to satisfy all tastes,…

Short Breaks

Short Breaks Box is designed to allow you to take short escapes from your daily routine.

Blissful Treats

Offer a very special gift with the best of the best Spas in town, all in one place… Choose your place, book, enjoy!

Divine Dining

Either if it’s a gift to yourself or to a loved one, you will be assured that not only the food will amaze you, as well as the level of…

Merry Christmas

Why not give to others what you would like to receive? What goes around comes around!

Jinggle Bell’s

Last minute Christmas gift ideas? Choose the box and let them choose their own gift amongst 40+ experiences… This box is just the best of all our partners inside one…

Ho Ho Ho

The best affordable experience gift for you and your loved ones. 1 up to 4 people can enjoy this “Ho-Ho-Ho” Kadokita Experience Box.

Playful Breaks

Whatever activities it may be, from going go-karting to enrolling a painting class, taking time off from work will make you feel rejuvenated and could help bring positivity in your…

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