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Blissful Treats

Offer a very special gift with the best of the best spas in town, all in one place… Choose your place, book and enjoy! The one who will receive this…

For Her

20+ Experiences to be offered  to your Lady Loved One... She will remember this moment, and specially that YOU are the one offering it. Diner, afternoon tea, Salon, Spa, Ice…

For Him

Need a gift for your Man? Offer him a gift full of choices of experiences... 15+ Experiences dedicated to the man of your life, a friend or your Dad...  It’s…

Pamper Treats

Working nine to five can take its toll on one’s physical and mental health, especially when you live in a big city. Fast, hectic, and frenetic, you are bound to…

Romantic Getaway

Did you ever dream of offering a Special Romantic weekend to your loved one? From foodie kind of romantic weekend until pampering kind of romantic weekend, we did our best…

Sweetest Thing

Love, as they say, is precious. Whether it is love that you harbour for your other half, your family, or your friends, you know for a fact that they are…

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