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Coffeelicious Break

The best Gift for a Coffee Lover... A cup of coffee will always be the best companion for any occasion, be it while reading a book, doing your work, or…

Delightful Cuisine

Offer the best of Jakarta's foodie scene to a loved one...  sumptuous feast and a fabulous time at these fine eateries. Experiencing the finest dining establishments in Indonesia can be…

For Him

Need a gift for your Man? Offer him a gift full of choices of experiences... 15+ Experiences dedicated to the man of your life, a friend or your Dad...  It’s…

Fun Leisure

Take some time out from your work and get yourself enrolled in some stress-relief paint and wine sip activities, horse-riding, or choose from one of the 20+ Experiences KadoKita has…

Maxi Breaks

Whether you are looking for physical activity or just for a soothing experience, you will not be disappointed with the range of activities we have in store for you. From…

Playful Breaks

It’s true what they say: laughter is the best medicine. Laughter will make you feel good about yourself. With work being a top priority in the lives of many, people…

Short Breaks

Life is all about balance. Whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, mom or dad at home, retired, … you need some activities for your brain, some for your body, you…

Tasteful Flavors

Introducing the Kadokita "Tasteful Flavors" Box, a delightful assortment of experiences that bring joy to your senses. This box offers a blend of culinary delights, wellness, culture, and creativity that…

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