KadoKita Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement

As Indonesia’s leading creator of experience, KadoKita aims to be more than just a profit-driven company. We want to contribute to the greater good, through our Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Since the beginning, we have already done several CSR programs and we will continue to do more of them in the near future. Sustainable Develoment is a concept born in early 90 that sits on 3 pillars: Economic, Social and Environmental. Kadokita aims to be a responsible and sustainable company.

Breast Cancer awareness

KadoKita through our CSR program also initiated a program to honor October as the Breast Awareness month. Collaborating with some of our partners, we held an event called Breast Cancer Talkshow and Influencer Art Camp where we gathered ten influencers at our partner’s restaurant, Tugu Kunstkring Palais and did a painting class provided by another partner of ours, Bartega. At this event, Love Pink Indonesia Foundation raised the awareness of breast cancer to the influencers, where they had to relay the information on their own instagrams. Then, they would auction their paintings to raise money to be donated to Love Pink Indonesia Foundation.

Women International Club Charity Bazaar

More than that, during Women’s International Club Bazaar in December 2019 held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), KadoKita also participated by selling boxes on the french booth and 100% of the sales were offered to 5 associations chosen by Yayasan Anak Jalanan.

Hiring process

Several past engagements includs hiring the most vulnerable groups to join the company. This is seen from most of our hires who are single mothers, first-jobbers and fresh graduates. At KadoKita, we believe that they have the potential to become great, and we want to give them the chance to be great.

Future Plans

But that’s not it, KadoKita has plans for the future. After the Covid 19 ends, we plan to organise outings with orphans by taking them to some of our partners and spend their day experiencing the activities offered.

As sustainability is not only about economics and social, but also environmental, KadoKita also has a program where for every Experience Gift box sold, we will plant 1 tree in return. What’s interesting is that clients that bought the box will be able to follow the growth of their planted tree using a mobile app.

And so, in line with its aim to contribute to the greater good, we at KadoKita will continue to do more CSR engagement programs in the future in order to create a sustainable company and be responsible in the face of our stakeholders.


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