Introducing KadoKita’s Corporate Gift Service

A corporate gift is a powerful source to help nourish and develop strong and long-relationships with its clients and employees. It is an important essence of a business because it can become a reflection of your company and help you to be remembered by the stakeholders. With that, KadoKita has just launched a corporate gift service that is dedicated to companies that want to customize their corporate gift.

From horse-riding, cooking class, an adventurous cave trip or soon a staycation, we got it all. With a budget starting from Rp. 170,000 to Rp. 1,500,000 and soon higher, you can custom gifts for major religious events like Lebaran, Christmas, Chinese New Year or even non-holiday events like grand openings gift or birthday gifts to your partner or customer.  More than that, we can also personalize the giftbox by imprinting the corporate identity of a logo and corporate color on the gift box sleeves. Also, if you are ordering in a large quantity, you can personalize the content of the catalog such as inserting your company’s CEO message, advertise your product or even put vouchers to be used by the recipient of the box. The options are endless.

These gifts can act as a tool to not only impress your existing customers but also help in grabbing the attention of customers’s interest in your company. This would promotional gifts would definitely help you to establish a long relationship with your customers and eventually add values to your business and its growth. Corporate gifts are surely an investment in a business that can get you good returns in the form of new clients or profit, and KadoKita can help you achieve that with our corporate gift service.


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