Where can I buy KadoKita?

You can buy KadoKita offline at Galeries Lafayette or online at Shopee.

For all new and updated points of sales, please follow:

Website : www.kado-kita.com

Instagram : @kadokita_id

What is KadoKita?

KadoKita is a Gift Box that will make you save time. If you want to offer a gift to a friend, family, colleague, a loved one, you will find the perfect fit for them in all cases. Based on their interest (F&B, spa, activities, trips…) and your own budget (170k up to 10mio.), you will always find the perfect gift for them.

I have a Kadokita, where can I redeem?

In the box you got you have a catalogue, your voucher is valide in one of the partners inside the catalogue

You should also check our website to get all your updated choices of partners too… www.kado-kita.com

How long is valid a KadoKita voucher?

KadoKita vouchers are valid 12 months from the date of purchase.

You can contact our customer care service to get the date of expiry of your voucher:

  • WA : 0811 88 KADO
  • Email : ask@kado-kita.com
My voucher is expired, is it possible to reactivate it?

Yes, You can reactivate your voucher 1 time for 30 days for free.

A second reactivation would be subject to fee.

My voucher has not been activated?

For security reasons, the boxes displayed in store are inactive. They will be activated after purchase is done. In case your voucher has not been activated, please send us the proof of purchase and the number of the voucher on the right bottom side of the back of your voucher… We will investigate and get back to you within 3 working days.

Should I book before attending one of the activities?

In advance with our partners before using your kadokita voucher for an optimised experience.

How can I book at a partner?

In the catalogue, on the page of the partner, you have the contact of the partner, you can call directly the partner to book.

You can also find the contact of the partners on our website : www.kado-kita.com

I booked but I have a last minute change of plan, can I modify my booking?

From the moment you book with one of the partners, you are bound to their terms and conditions. You have to check directly with the partner if they can modify or cancel your booking.

Can I exchange my box ?

Yes, you can exchange you box for a box with same or lower value

T&C may apply

Fee may apply

In case you want to exchange for a higher value, you will need to pay the difference

How can I exchange my Kadokita box?

The best way is to contact our customer care agents via Whatsapp at 0811 88 KADO for assistance. Based on where you are geographically, they will assist you for the best exchange method

Contact us

WA : 0811 88 KADO

Email : ask@kado-kita.com