Celebrating Christmas Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where you can see Christmas decorations hanging and hear Christmas songs basically everywhere you go, from shopping malls to protocol roads, you’ll feel that joyful vibes. But how do people usually celebrate Christmas really? We have several traditions of how Christmas is celebrated.

1. Christmas Greeting Cards
Sending Christmas cards via mail has been a tradition from way back. A Christmas card is seen to be a tangible way to show your friends and family that you care about them, it’s all about that small gesture. A typical Christmas card will have the sender’s family picture in it, as years go by, the cards you keep can become a mini photo album of how the family has grown. One thing for sure, when you send a card from someone, it shows that you still keep them in your mind and will surely bring a smile to their face.

2. Gifts Under the Tree
As kids, we all look forward for every Christmas morning and find all the gifts and presents under the Christmas tree. We were told then that Santa Claus sent those presents as a reward because we have been a good one that year.

3. Family and Friends Gathering
It’s been a tradition that most families and friends get together during Christmas time over lunch or dinner. They usually spend their time reflecting back through the year and thinking about their new year resolutions, as well as exchanging gifts. And to spice things a little, they often do “Secret Santa Gift Exchange” so you would not know who got you that present. If you are still confused about what to get your secret Santa, you should definitely check out KadoKita boxes.

4. Christmas Carol
“Children sings, are you listening?” is one of the most common Christmas carol songs you can find. Christmas Carols are now a staple aspect of Christmas celebrations, be it in schools, shopping malls or public places, you will encounter a caroling group at least once. It’s like a free concert for everyone.

5. Christmas Feast
What’s Christmas gathering without food? It’s no secret that many of us spend all year thinking and dreaming about what we are going to have for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day feast. Each country has different traditions when it comes to their feast menu, for instance in the United States, they will have Turkey, while in France, they will be celebrating Christmas with muscles, foie gras and champagne. In Indonesia in particular, they serve either roasted chicken or roast beef accompanied by many sweet desserts. Yum!

And these are several ways Christmas is usually celebrated, KadoKita wishes you a happy jolly holiday and a happy new year!


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