Our Story

KadoKita’s aim is to solve problems. We realised that gift giving can be somehow a hassle and time consuming. Thats why we came up with our solution : A beautiful box, a catalogue full of offers and a voucher valid 12 months. From 5 categories such as F&B, spa, weekend, activities and mixed… you choose, they enjoy!

KadoKita has a strong domestic travel and leisure focus, especially in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. With hundreds of choices, we keep your valuable time and we solve your problem on the gift giving arrangement.

KadoKita is the perfect gift for birthday, wedding day and wedding anniversary, employee promotion, and other special occasions.


With over 200 great selections of Experience, we help you to navigate and find carefully the special gifts that suit any specific taste, budget and style.


We are here to help you find the perfect and memorable experiences ever, ranging from dining to relaxing.


All experiences will give you plenty of memories and stories to share. Let the journey begin and find your perfect gift now!


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