9 Experiences to enjoy in Jakarta

When I arrived in Jakarta in 2012, everybody told me: “you will see, there is nothing to do here… Just go to malls, shopping, eating, eventually massage and go home. You will want to get out to Bali every weekend.”

But over the time I discovered that Batavia had more to offer, and people were just not curious enough to search for experiences to live.

Beside the many F&B concepts, in malls, hotels or stand alone, beside the spas inside and outside the malls, you can find many activities for adults and children.

Here are some ideas:

  • Go-Kart! In the middle of Jakarta, in Semanggi, there is Speedy Karting. For few thousand Rupiah you can spend a half day with friends or with your kids having really a lot of fun.
  • Make your own chocolate! Jika Chocolat is not only a brand making exclusive high-end chocolates, they also have a workshop on jl. Fatmawati where you can spend 2-3 hours learning where the chocolate beans come from, how to process it, how chocolate is made and make your own with many flavours available.
  • Horse Riding! Many people think that Horse riding is exclusively for rich people. Worry not, we bring it to you with affordable price. There are actually many options around Jakarta. My favorite is Anantya Riding Club at Gunung Putri, 20Km from Jakarta. If you have kids, I also recommend Branchsto at BSD. They can ride ponies, horses, and also ATV and other activities for affordable price.
  • Painting lessons! There are many painting classes options in Jakarta. It is a very introspective activity for adults and developing activity for kids. I love specially 2 options: Bartega is an original concept of painting class with free flow wine or beer… a very fun moment to spend with friends (they do special classes for kids also). The other one is Grace Dsign which will teach you more technical skills and different methods of painting.

There are many more activities Jakarta offers to those curious of you out there who are willing to give this megalopolis a second chance.

Unfortunately, many activities are permanently or temporarily shut down because of Covid. But rest assure that we are working with many activity operators to offer you some of the best experiences in Jakarta.

All these experiences are of course available in Kadokita boxes to offer to a loved one, a friend, a colleague or to your best clients.


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