5 Physical Preparations To Do Before You Go ‘Mudik’

Hari Raya Eid Al-Fitr is a once-a-year moment for Muslims to gather with their beloved relatives. This is often marked by them going back to their hometowns to celebrate and mingle with the people back home. If you are one of those people who will be going on a long road trip, make sure that you are in a fit condition ahead of the trip. There are 5 physical preparations that you could do before the trip so you will feel more refreshed and fit when you go back to your hometown:

1. Reflexology or Massage

Press pause on your hectic schedule and treat yourself with a foot massage or reflexology. This type of physical therapy would apply pressure to specific points in your body. This therapy will make your exhausted body parts feel lite and at ease. KadoKita’s Pamper Treat have specially selected reflexology or massage places that for sure will make your body feel at its best condition before your journey.

2. Beauty Treatments

You must want to look the best when you meet your relatives back to your hometown, not only from the new clothes that you are going to wear but also your skin health. For a couple of years back, skincare has been the trend for a lot of women because it could help you achieve a healthy and youthful complexion. One of the beauty treatments places that you should check out is Clinique Suisse located in Wisma KEIAI Level 6, Jl. Jendral Sudirman that you can find in our Pamper Treat box.

3. Spa

Pamper yourself before the long trip by dropping by spa treatment centers. Spa treatment is the right choice for you who wants to calm your mind as well as your body. Other than that, a spa is also helpful to remove toxins out of your body as well as preventing the aging process.

4. Sleeping Schedule

Before you go on a trip, you should probably fix your sleeping schedule feel refreshed during the trip. Make sure you have 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day prior to the trip; a good rest is shown to also improve concentration, mood and even increase your lifespan. Make sure you are in your prime condition when you meet your relatives! 5. Water Intake Make sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. If your body lacks of water, you’ll most probably get a headache or become weak during the trip, this is caused by dehydration. There’s no way you would want that to happen, therefore you should take care of your water intake. And there you have it, 5 physical preparations that you could do before you go ‘Mudik”. Have a safe and fun Trip!


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