5 Best Experiences To Offer If Your Loved One Is Going To Bali

Imagine you have a friend who has a birthday coming, or a wedding anniversary, or a promotions… And she is planning to go to Bali! What are you going to offer to her? What will make her happy? How fast?

Well, Kadokita has it all figured out… Come with us and discover a world of experiences that you can actually offer as a gift, packaged in a beautiful box, or sent by email, it’s as you want.

Bali, the island of Gods, well known for its scenery of rice fields, volcanoes, black sand beaches, waterfalls and temples.

Here are some experiences, from affordable to luxury, that you can offer to a loved one just in 3 clicks.

Sit tight and follow the guide:

  • Imagine a day at the beach, somewhere far from the noisy Kuta or Seminyak. Bali Beach Glamping is the perfect spot to spend a relaxed and fun day by yourself or with a friend or a lover. In our Tasteful Flavors Box, we have this dream coming true. 1 day, doing horse riding on the beach, then relax with a light lunch and a drink… Beside the pool or on the beach. One of your friends can appreciate this experience? Let us know.
  • Your friend likes extreme activities, offer him this unique Bali Canyoning at Egar Canyon, Bali. A half day of full adrenaline including breakfast, lunch, full equipment, insurance and photos… Your friend will never forget such a gift. Find it in our Maxi Breaks Box.
  • There is nothing better than a “me time” at a spa in Bali… And this one is such a trendy and inspiring place we found for your loved one. Away Spa, at W-Bali, offers a unique spa experience that your loved one will cherish for long… long … long time! Available in our “For Her” or “For Him” Boxes
  • Your loved one is kind of traditional and like easy going spaces? Offer her this Afternoon High tea with Jajan Pasar at Tugu Bali. Included inside our Coffeelicious Break Box
  • Searching for a very local experience? We will come pick you up at your hotel, take you to a traditional village. Our host-teacher-chef will accompany you to the market to do the shopping, and when back to her house you will experience the most amazing palates fireworks that will leave you speechless for few days (And that’s because of the cabe and sembal you will learn to cook and eat). Balinese cooking class at Desa Bakas Klungkung is just a unique moment to spend alone or with friends. By the way, did we tell you will also get a cooking certificate? Available in our Playful Breaks Box.

From now on, you will never lack of imagination and inspiration for your gifts… If it happens to you again, just give us a call and we will help you find something unique to offer.



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