4 reason why Experience Gifts are the best Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifts these days have become an important essence of a business as it reflects your company image in front of your stakeholders, be it your partners, workers or loyal customers. Giving these kinds of corporate gifts would be helpful in building long-term relationships, and would eventually be beneficial to the growth of your business. Here are four reasons why Experience Gifts like KadoKita are the best corporate gift idea.

Original and unique experiences

Each and every experience offered by our partners are original and unique. From horse-riding, cooking class, a short-getaway stay or an adventurous day trip, you will find experiences that you will never forget.

The recipient can choose their own gift

KadoKita is here to help you find the perfect and memorable experience ever. The beauty of choosing KadoKita boxes as your corporate gift is that the recipient can choose their own experience from one of the partners inside of the box. Let the recipient of these boxes enjoy their own selected experience.

100% customizable

The difference between the normal KadoKita boxes with KadoKita corporate gifts is the fact that it is 100% customizable, you can set your own budget and choose the experiences for your boxes. More than that, you can also personalize your KadoKita corporate box by imprinting your corporate name and color on the sleeves. No matter what it is, KadoKita corporate gifts will try to cater to your request, as the options are endless.

100% made in Indonesia

And to make KadoKita even the perfect choice to become your corporate gifts is we are 100% local, as everything is made in Indonesia. All of our partners can be found in Indonesia and all of our productions are made in Indonesia. On top of that, KadoKita’s also environmentally cautious by taking our part to reduce carbon footprint, putting less pressure on our Earth.

A corporate gift is for sure an important and an investment for your business, and with KadoKita’s corporate gift service, we will help you to establish that long-term relationship with them, by letting them know that your company thinks and appreciates them.


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